Improved Customer Experience

The AI-driven use of behavioral psychology influences shoppers by making communication more persuasive in a minimally-invasive way.

This reduces cart abandonments and choice overload increasing conversions and revenue without extensive changes or monetary incentives.

Cost Reduction and Climate Protection

Behavioral nudges provide valuable feedback to your customers and help them make better-informed purchase decisions.

This contributes to a reduction in the return rate reducing your costs and transport emissions contributing to climate protection. Without any restrictions or changes in the return policy.

Customer Insights with Machine Learning

By combining Behavioral Psychology with AI, the behamics AI not only predicts behavior but also detects why shoppers behave like they do.

This allows for targeted nudge interventions that enable behavior change when it is needed.


Risk-free Pricing

Using a science-backed approach we offer a performance-based pricing depending on the statistically proven improvement. Thus there is no risk in starting to work with us.