Intelligent Influence
with Behavioral AI

Our AI-powered nudging engine targets the right message, to the right person, at the right time based on powerful psychological mechanisms to prevent cart abandonments and product returns.

Create a new revenue source by combining Behavioral Psychology with AI.

Self-Learning Persuasion

Based on deep learning our algorithms learn which nudge works best under which circumstances for which shopper.

Harness science-backed persuasion with hundreds of behavioral nudges, personalized to your shoppers, without monetary incentives and costly recovery messages.

20 Mio +

Nudged Visitors

25 Tons +

CO2 Saved

Customer Inspiration

A deep understanding of human decision making enables to influence behavior.

Not to manipulate your customers but to inspire and help them make better purchase decisions, with less returns.

Behamics enables you to use Behavioral Science effectively, not randomly. For intelligent influence, optimized by AI.

Backed up by Science

As a Spin-off of the University of St.Gallen, Behamics stands for an evidence-based approach harnessing behavioral science to create more persuasive online communication.

The Behamics AI targets hundreds of science-backed behavioral nudge solutions intelligently to drive online shopping behavior.

Harness Psychology to Improve the Customer Experience

Behavioral nudges are based on theories and biases of behavioral psychology. Our technology enables a self-learning targeting of behavioral nudges to always use the right psychological mechanism for the right situation.

Use Communication that Inspires Rather than Annoys Customers

Insights from behavioral psychology are universal, but not their impact. An undifferentiated use can lead to undesired behavior, like cart abandonments or more product returns.

The Behamics AI analyzes digital user behavior, anticipates behavior patterns and leverages science-backed persuasion to show the message that resonates with the visitor in the respective situation.