Behavioral Science & AI

We combine Behavioral Science and Artificial Intelligence

Two complex disciplines that make it even more influential.

Artificial Intelligence

AI refers to a computer or machine’s ability to mimic the human mind’s cognitive functions, such as learning and problem-solving. This technology has been around for decades, but recent machine learning and data processing advances have made AI more powerful and versatile.

AI systems can analyze vast amounts of data and make decisions based on that information, often in faster and more accurate ways than humans. Artificial intelligence is a fascinating and rapidly evolving field with the potential to impact business.

Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science answers the question: How do people make decisions? The scientifically proven answer is that people make (predictably) irrational decisions based on heuristics and biases.

With scientific knowledge of these psychological (irrational) mechanisms behind customers’ decisions, our technology can optimize communication along the entire customer journey and help customers make better decisions in their own best interest. We apply heuristics and biases to increase customer engagement plus provide a better customer experience.

By optimizing the customer experience and helping shoppers make (conscious) decisions, this Nudge Intelligence not only increases the conversion rate and the revenue but also reduces the return rate.

Our technology is based on numerous research projects in which we have analyzed the influence of behavioral messages and nudge solutions on online purchasing behavior.

The synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science

Combining those two disciplines gives us a better understanding of human actions. The platform is an AI system based on Deep Learning and self-training that delivers a tailored digital experience to each user. Behamics helps customers make a purchase decision in the first place.

One of the main benefits is the ability to predict and influence human behavior accurately. With the help of machine learning algorithms and large datasets, AI can analyze patterns and trends in human behavior and use this information to make predictions about future behavior.

AI can make even more accurate predictions and recommendations by integrating insights from behavioral science, which studies the psychological and social factors that influence behavior. The platform predicts customer behavior through click patterns, navigation, and many more.

Provides key indicators with an accuracy of 95%. With this information, Behamics creates a digital flow experience with more impact. It improves customer service by predicting customer needs and preferences and providing personalized recommendations.

In addition to forecasting and influencing behavior, the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science can also improve decision- making. By analyzing data from past decisions and incorporating insights from behavioral science, AI helps make more informed and effective decisions.

That can be especially useful in fields such as eCommerce, where the volume and complexity of data can be overwhelming for humans to process independently. By leveraging the strengths of both fields, we create more effective, efficient, and beneficial solutions for our clients.