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Increase Conversions

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Influence shopping behavior without having to restrict people,
or having to provide monetary incentives.

AI Nudging Engine

AI-Fueled Influence

A deep understanding of human decision making enables to influence behavior.

Not to manipulate your customers but to inspire and help them make better purchase decisions, with less returns.

behamics enables you to use Behavioral Science effectively, not randomly. For intelligent influence, optimized by AI.


Nudged Visitors


Kg CO2 Saved

Science-backed optimization of conversion and return rates

As a Spin-off of the University of St.Gallen, behamics stands for an evidence-based approach harnessing behavioral science to create more persuasive online communication

behamics stands for an evidence-based approach harnessing behavioral science to create more persuasive online communication

The behamics AI targets thousands of science-backed behavioral nudge solutions intelligently to drive online shopping behavior:

+12% conversion rate

-8% return rate

+10% net revenue

Harness psychology to improve the customer experience

Behavioral nudges are based on theories and biases of behavioral psychology. Our technology enables a self-learning targeting of behavioral nudges to always use the right psychological mechanism for the right situation.

Use communication that inspires rather than annoys customers

Insights from behavioral psychology are universal, but not their impact. An undifferentiated use can lead to undesired behavior, like cart abandonments or more product returns.

The behamics AI analyzes digital user behavior, anticipates behavior patterns and leverages science-backed persuasion to show the message that resonates with the visitor in the respective situation.

Loved by your development team

Just like Google Analytics, getting behamics up and running, takes only one simple line of code on top of your platform.

The behamics engine can be integrated without any technical effort just by embedding a JavaScript snippet into your website's source code.

As a data processor we track and analyze behavioral and product-related data, 100% GDPR-complaint.

AI Prediction

Predict behavior and find the why

By matching the behavioral effects of thousands of intelligently targeted nudges with clickstream and product data, the behamics AI recognizes correlations between countless data points. Our technology can anticipate purchase and return decisions in real-time.

This enables you not only to predict shoppers' behavior but also makes you understand why they behave the way they do.

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Why online retailers choose

Persuasive Customer Experience

The AI-driven use of behavioral science influences online-shoppers and enhances the customer experience, at almost zero costs.

This leads to a higher conversion rate without extensive changes or monetary incentives and a lower return rate without any restrictions or changes in the return policy.

Cost Reduction and Climate Protection

The intelligent use of behavioral nudges provides persuasive and valuable feedback to your customers and helps them make better-informed purchase decisions reducing the return rate.

This not only reduces logistics and reconditioning costs, but also transport emissions contributing significantly to climate protection.

Customer Insights and Predictions

Besides analyzing causal effects of the behavioral targeting on relevant KPIs, our customized AI algorithms enable to predict purchase and return behavior but also to detect product characteristics leading to product returns. This helps you optimize your resource allocation in logistics, product presentation and design.

Risk-free Pricing

Using a science-backed approach we offer a performance-based pricing depending on the statistically proven improvement. Thus there is no risk in starting to work with us.

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What our clients have to say about us

"The science-backed concept of behamics convinced us from the very first second. By combining AI with findings from behavioral economics we were able to achieve a significant uplift in the conversion rate. Especially the efficient cooperation with behamics is worth mentioning - from the kick -off till go live we experience behamics as a very professional and agile partner."

Sascha Bader

Head of E-Commerce

"behamics has helped us optimize the communication across the customer journey with insights from behavioral economics. We are very satisfied with the cooperation as it has led to measurable success: The developed measures have increased the conversion rate and boosted sales of complementary services significantly."

Matthias Schulze

Head of Service and Customer Experience

Tobias Gruber

Head of Category Development

"The collaboration with behamics delivered valuable insights into the purchase behavior of our customers. The integration of behavioral insights helps us target communication more effectively. We will therefore continue to collaborate with behamics."

Renate Willer

Head of Sales

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