Prevent Cart Abandonments

70% of Carts are Abandoned.

Behamics prevents cart abandonment in your store by predicting the reasons and displaying behavioral messages to support your customer’s decision without providing discounts or sending reminding emails.

1 Great decision – That suits you well!

Prevention is more efficient
and cost effective than Recovery

Prevention means acting and providing support while your customer is in your store with the momentum to purchase. As soon as your customer abandons the cart, recovery through sending emails becomes challenging.

Providing coupons is easy, but not efficient

Behamics predicts abandonment reasons and communicates with your customer automatically, based on Behavioral Science and AI.

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Don’t spam your Customers

Your customers need your assistance while shopping onsite, they don’t want your emails, texts and ads offsite!

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Behamics delivers results

Create a new source of revenue by preventing cart abandonments


More Revenue


Fewer Cart Abandonments


Fewer Product Returns

No Effort Needed

Behamics runs on autopilot

Your customer
visits your store

Behamics predicts
your customer's behavior

Behamics shows a behavioral message to support your customer's decision

Behamics measures the
success of the message

improves itself

What brands think about Behamics

"Behamics has helped us optimize the communication across the customer journey with insights from behavioral economics. We are very satisfied with the cooperation as it has led to measurable success: The developed measures have increased the conversion rate and boosted sales of complementary services significantly."

Matthias Schulze

Head of Service and Customer Experience

Tobias Gruber

Head of Category Development

"The science-backed concept of Behamics convinced us from the very first second. By combining AI with findings from behavioral economics we were able to achieve a significant uplift in the conversion rate. Especially the efficient cooperation with Behamics is worth mentioning - from the kick -off till go live we experience Behamics as a very professional and agile partner."

Sascha Bader

Head of E-Commerce

"behamics has had an extremely positive impact on our key figures with the dynamic playout of nudges. Their scientific approach with AI and behavioral psychology convinced us."

Peter Rothenbühler

Managing Director of

"The collaboration with Behamics delivered valuable insights into the purchase behavior of our customers. The integration of behavioral insights helps us target communication more effectively. We will therefore continue to collaborate with Behamics."

Renate Willer

Head of Sales

"We were able to integrate Behamics in minutes with no effort and are seeing double-digit revenue growth. Combining AI with behavioral psychology as a preventive approach to reduce shopping cart abandonment is a new revenue stream for us."

Anton Jurina

Founder & CEO

"Through Behamics, we were able to reduce shopping cart abandonment and thus significantly increase AOV and revenue. Behamics runs fully automatic, optimizes itself, and the integration was super easy. The combination of behavioral science with AI is extremely value-adding for us, as it allows us to realize new revenue streams without any effort."

Sebastian Kurig

Head of Campaign Management

Behamics seamlessly integrates with your tech stack.

Prevent Cart Abandonments
up to 20%